Amber Goldhammer Never Lost Her Child-Like Wonder

Amber Goldhammer: Sharing Happiness Through Art

Suppose you ask Amber Goldhammer what her favorite part of being an artist is. In that case, she will tell you how much she loves to share her happiness with the world around her, “I love pouring myself into a painting and when a person is equally as excited and happy to become a collector, I know I did well.”

Her Artistic Journey

Amber Goldhammer is a rare example of a person who has spent their entire life as an artist. Starting her adventure into the art world as a MAC girl in Los Angeles, Amber found her passion for making people feel joyous and beautiful; however, she found herself seeking new canvases to express herself. She has always been an abstract artist and adds elements of graffiti with positive messages of love in truly extraordinary ways. Letting the judgment go and creating without an expected outcome is what truly makes Goldhammer happy.

Amber GoldhammerMentorship and Artistic Development

Soon after recognizing her passion for spreading love and art, Amber connected with her mentor, Rassouli, best known for his unique style of Fusion-Art. For the next seven years, she accompanied Rassouli on his monthly painting retreats. During these years, she developed her sense of composition, balance, and color. Amber Goldhammer’s next step was to share her work with the world. Explained simply, “When I felt that I had something special to share, I began knocking on gallery doors.”

The Creative Process and Drive

A story that could move even the most stoic individual, her life has been one marked by creativity and an endless pursuit of passion. “Development naturally comes from anything a person is passionate about and wants to pursue,” Amber describes her journey.

Upcoming Collaborations and Exhibitions

With several exciting plans for 2024, Amber is one to watch this year. She has recently collaborated with Isabel Marant on a Spring/Summer runway collection and created a three-piece installation at Aurora Capital Private Equity Firm in Brentwood. This month, Joey Restaurant’s opening in Manhattan Beach will feature her most recent 16′ installation of graffiti art mixed with figurative neon. In April, her unique collection will be shown in galleries on the East Coast with Merritt Gallery and Renaissance Fine Arts.

Managing a Busy Schedule

To manage all of these projects, Goldhammer has a packed schedule; she describes herself as a “good juggler” of her many commitments and tasks. “While there is a lot of painting happening, there are also calls, zoom meetings, computer work, scheduling orders, working with designers on projects, posting to social media, and photographing new work. As an entrepreneur, work never stops,” she elaborates.

Success in Art and Hollywood

How has Amber Goldhammer found such impressive success in the art world and Hollywood? She shares the best piece of advice ever given to her, “Paint like a child,” embodying her work as an artist. Bringing together a childlike wonder of the world and the artistic mastery of an old soul, she creates art that is unlike any other work.

Advice for Aspiring Artists

Her advice to other people wanting to break into the art world is, “DO IT!” she exclaims, “As with life, there are ups and downs, praise and rejection. If you can accept that going in, you are already a success.”

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