MASH Gallery to premier new exhibition with Artist Maggi Hodge “Overload”

MASH gallery is one of the most popular art spots in Los Angeles, always premiering new artists and giving hope to those everywhere with beautiful works of art, even through the pandemic. The contemporary art gallery is carefully curated and founded  by contemporary painter and expressionist, Haleh Mashian. “MASH Gallery focuses on thematic abstract and figurative exhibitions that spotlight many local and international artists, both emerging and established.”


The emphasis is on dynamic collaboration in this hot Downtown LA location, and the newest exhibition is one to get excited for. Maggi Hodge is an incredible artist with a very distinct style. This isn’t her first time working with MASH Gallery as she was also a part of their famed “A Gogo” exhibition in 2020 and another of her own exhibitions “Maggi Hodge: Women, Chaos, and X” in 2019.


Fans of the gallery and Hodge are getting excited for this event that will run March 20- April 24 from 2pm to 6pm. There will be an outdoor and indoor opening for those with varying levels of comfort during the pandemic as well as live music. Even through these sorrow times, art finds a way to connect people and bring a sense of comfort and inspiration to the masses. 


For those who are unfamiliar, Hodge works primarily with acrylic as her medium of choice but often supplements the art with oil sticks and charcoal. Her work is vibrant and she loves to describe and see her art as “alive.” She likes to work fast and make sure the power in each piece is captured perfectly. The vibrant hues and images she captures in her own unique way are very touching and empowering, especially to the female gaze. She is truly a very exciting artist to watch and fans are on the edge of their seats to see what work she will put out this time. 

To learn more visit and see which artists featured in the gallery really speak to you.

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