Sun-Kissed Secrets: Your Guide to the Perfect Tan

Your Guide to a Sun-Kissed Glow

Gear up, because summer is just around the corner! With the sun shining brighter and the days getting longer, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to achieve that sun-kissed glow. But finding the right way to tan safely and flawlessly can be a challenge. While soaking up the sun might seem tempting, prolonged exposure can damage your skin, and tanning beds come with their risks. So, what would be a good solution? Beauty by Earth’s self-tanners! Beauty by Earth is committed to making safe skincare accessible through natural and organic products. Among those, their self-tanners stand out, offering that golden glow without compromising your skin’s health.


Find your perfect match.

Beauty By Earth offers a diverse selection of seven unique self-tanner products, each designed to meet different preferences and needs. From luxurious self-tanning body lotions to convenient drops and refreshing face mists, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, the brand provides a variety of self-tanning applicators, including blending body brushes, kabuki facial brushes, and silky-soft back applicators, to ensure flawless application. Although some individuals may prefer using their hands, Beauty By Earth suggests using brushes to prevent streaks and uneven patches, resulting in a flawless sunless tan and avoiding discolored palms.

Your Guide to the Perfect Tan


Perfect Starters

For individuals new to self-tanning, Beauty By Earth presents the Self-Tanning Mousse, a comprehensive solution for achieving a natural-looking glow without synthetic chemicals or unwanted additives. This quick-drying tanning mousse provides a seamless application process: users simply pump the lightweight formula onto a tanner mitt or applicator brush and buff away. With no dyes, sulfates, or parabens, the formula ensures a clean and golden glow derived from plant-based ingredients. The Self-Tanner Mousse will develop that perfect glow in six to eight hours. It’s also buildable! You can reapply it after one hour for darker results.

Moreover, for those uncertain about investing in full-sized products, the brand offers travel-sized alternatives, ideal for experimenting with various tanners and gradually embracing the self-tanner process. These travel-sized options allow users to explore different products before committing to a larger size.


Behind the glow

At the core of Beauty By Earth’s self-tanning range is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a compound derived from non-GMO sugar beets. Unlike traditional tanning methods that rely on UV exposure, DHA darkens the outer layer of dead skin cells temporarily, similar to the natural browning process seen in fruits like apples. Moreover, the brand’s formulas are enriched with nourishing botanicals such as coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter, known for their hydrating and moisturizing properties, leaving your skin soft and radiant.


Radiant Results, Tailored to You

Beauty By Earth’s self-tanning products provide a streak-free, natural-looking tan that adapts to individual skin tones and lasts up to a week. Say goodbye to worries about looking orange or dealing with greasy residues, as the brand’s lightweight formulations ensure quick absorption, leaving behind a radiant glow. Additionally, as these tanners are dye-free, you won’t be left with any stains on your clothes or sheets. Enjoy your white clothes and sheets without worry!

As the temperature rises, leave behind concerns about sun damage and embrace the beauty of a healthy tan. Explore Beauty By Earth’s full range of self-tanner products on their website at

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