WHEAT: Local Los Angeles Brand Takes on the World


Wheat Boutique owners Molly Shaheen and Huw Collins have always held the City of Angels near and dear to their hearts – and now they’re taking their love for the city to new horizons.

Before their journey with Wheat began, Huw was an actor on the hit television series “Pretty Little Liars” as Dr. Elliot Rollins. Molly is the daughter of Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire Senator. She later moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her career alongside Huw, thus creating Wheat.

Shaheen and Collins are the young, successful couple behind Wheat, a luxury lifestyle boutique with five locations (soon to be six) across the U.S and the Caribbean. The two are also the masterminds behind the clothing brand Wheat 1.17, made in and inspired in part by Los Angeles.

Despite the restrictions that have been placed upon retailers, Wheat currently has stores open in Los Angeles, Casa Del Mar, York Beach, Newburyport, and the newest location on the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla. Over the course of the last few years, they continue to enhance their relationships with luxury locations like The Four Seasons Resort and Residencies and continue to bolster their ability to sell experiences in each store. They also have an e-commerce site that allows customers to shop anytime, anywhere from their favorite brands.

This collection, along with the variety of designers Wheat carries in its shops can be found around the globe. Some designers that Wheat carries include Finn & Co, Voluspa, Saint, and Gorjana

Wheat 1.17 draws inspiration from the relaxed, laid-back environment of Los Angeles. This collection was carefully crafted with comfort and luxury in mind. With the lifestyle that founders Molly and Huw have, they create pieces that they would wear daily, whether it’s dressed up or dressed down.  Each piece in Wheat 1.17 focuses on soft, cozy fabrics that are meant to be snug and staple pieces in one’s closet. Whether you are going out for a quick errand or going somewhere casual on your vacation, Wheat 1.17 has the perfect pieces to complement your trip. 

The entire collection is ethically sourced and custom-designed, fitting the thoughtfulness and exclusiveness of Wheat. The exciting business developments for this driven young couple do not stop there, as they are nearing the opening of their store in Nantucket in 2021. Huw and Molly are making sure that their hard work and dedication go into every single location so that customers around the world are being taken care of. 

Since the pandemic, everyone knows the importance of supporting locally-made brands, and that reality is no different for Wheat 1.17. The dynamic young company employs Angelenos in a variety of industries, from the retail space to the manufacturing world. The possibilities for the future of Wheat are endless. 

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