Find your Dream Life with Serena DC’s Hot New Show, Premiering this Sunday on the FYI Network

Premiering on August 9th on FYI Network, Dream Life by Serena DC shows her move from Australia to Los Angeles where she explores her talents in a new way. Known as the Australian Boss Babe, TV personality, business mogul and best-selling author, Serena DC really knows how to do it all!

Dream Life consists of her incredible ensemble of reality stars, performers, and Hollywood elite coming together to show what developing Hollywood Disclosure entailed. Hollywood Disclosure hit the small screens last month and is one of the best celebrity talk shows to come out this year! This wonderful team has also created The Love Academy, co-founded by Serena and her partner Amber, Hollywood’s first online dating academy.

With Dream Life, viewers truly get the inside scoop on what living in Hollywood and establishing yourself is all about! With adjusting from Australian to US culture, but especially LA culture, Serena and her team are hard at work to create content, organize launch parties, close deals, and film interviews for Hollywood Disclosure.

With stars like Caitlyn Jenner, Tara Reid, Corey Feldman, Deepak Chopra, Colin Egglesfield, and Daniel Goddard already interviewed, Dream Life gives the inside look on what it was like to produce such an incredibly impactful show! Episodes of Hollywood Disclosure have already been released, and in them, you can see the truth, pain, love, and healing that goes through these celebrities as they combat Hollywood fame and what it means to be in the spotlight of millions all the time.

Dream Life not only brings us closer to Serena, but to her co-founder Amber Renae, Chris Aaron, Serena’s talent manager and booking agent, Erika De La Cruz who you can find at any red carpet, Xavier Brinkman, MTV Australia’s US correspondent and regular reporter for The Project, Eden Sassoon, from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sheeraz, the ultimate star-maker, and Shawn Smith, Serena’s best friend who helps her adjust to life in LA and navigate the world of dating.

With such a dynamic cast and go-getter attitude, Serena and her team explore the ups and downs of Hollywood as they navigate the scene in a new way! Don’t forget, Dream Life premiers on August 9th on FYI network, and you won’t want to miss seeing the Hollywood hustle of Serena and her team!

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