Patience, Passion, Perseverance: “In Pursuit” Podcast

Avid listeners across the globe tune in every week to be inspired by the businessman, motivational speaker, and best-selling author, Robert Pascuzzi’s podcast “In Pursuit”. The show has become a platform for notable individuals to share their successes and struggles, which leads listeners to practice the importance of patience, passion, and persistence. The insightful questions posed by Pascuzzi invite open and powerful conversations that permit the listener to reflect on their own life’s purpose.

The show constantly reminds the audience to trust and believe in their art and the product they are promoting, regardless of their industry. These types of conversations are crucial to continuing honing our artistry, especially during this indescribable time. While listening to the wonderful curated conversations, the audience receives a high dose of positivity as well as creativity. Whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve is a resounding message that circulates throughout each interview. For example, In Ep 2: Emmy, Tony, and Oscar-winning producer Philip B. Goldfine says, “Know what you want and have the belief you’re going to get it”.

Host of “In Pursuit” Robert Pascuzzi has experienced his fair share of hardships as he battled to reach his success. In a decade, Robert Pascuzzi went from having no money in the bank – having to pay his mortgage with a credit card – to starting and building a 401(k) management division from zero dollars to more than $2.5 billion in assets under management (AUM).

Robert started the podcast “In Pursuit” in his quest to find extraordinary people who embody unique stories and have overcome adversity. Each episode is filled with helpful tips on how to visualize, manifest and engage with the law of attraction. A wonderful tool discussed on the show is having an “accountability partner”, this entails having a person to call every day and let them know the top goals you want to achieve for that specific day. This, sequentially, helps keep you on track to accomplishing what you’ve set your mind to. These brilliant conversations are guided by Roberts’ soothing and commanding voice that captivates the audience member to pay even closer attention to what’s being discussed.

In Ep 6, Cynthia Kersey, the founder, and CEO of The Unstoppable Foundation speaks about the steps to pursuing your vision, even when it’s not a popular choice. She poses these three questions, “what do you think your purpose is? What is your passion? Is your passion in alignment with what you want to achieve?”

This thoughtful examination helps the listener hone in on what they truly want to do during their lifetime. Start small, make adjustments in your life, and do the research. Once you know what you’d like to embark on, be humble, find mentors, volunteer, and remind yourself that every action counts towards getting to where you want to go.

“In Pursuit” fosters the opportunity to give voice to those in sports, film, music, and more as they share their journey to inspire those who are listening. Special guests include Cynthia Kersey, Keoni Waxman, Les Norman, Philip B. Goldfine, Shawn Parr, and Whitney Johnson. One experience can truly change your entire life. As Robert cleverly states, “We are all, hopefully, in pursuit of something that is inspiring and will get us excited every day.”

Pascuzzi is co-author of the best-seller, Get Tough, Retire Rich and author of Go For It! Start Getting What You Want in Your Finances, Career, Health & Relationships. In addition, he offers his day-long conference, Live Rich Today!, and coaches and consults a personal cadre of international clients.

A “Living Rich” example, Robert Pascuzzi has been married to his wife, Kelly, for more than 25 years, and the couple has three children. He is co-producer and author of the best-selling novel “The Ravine,” currently in development as a Hollywood-release feature film, due for release in early 2021.

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