The Youngest and Hottest in Entertainment: Tucci & Company

Staying Strong in the Film Industry

During a time where many businesses and creatives have struggled to remain in production, Tucci & Company has continued to stand out in the industry as a movie production powerhouse. The company originated as a home for talented and diverse storytellers and filmmakers dedicated to creating only the best content, but it has grown exponentially into much more than that. Forbes discusses how businesses in the entertainment industry have adapted to a post-pandemic world.

Founders’ Background and Expertise

Founded by brothers Damiano and Tiziano Tucci in 2019, Tucci & Company provides services such as consulting, development, production, and distribution. The Tuccis are incredibly seasoned and talented individuals who were making waves in the film industry long before the founding of Tucci & Company. Damiano, a co-founder of Parkside Pictures, produced over 30 titles between 2012 and 2018. Tiziano, a classically trained musician and filmmaker, knows every step of the filmmaking process, especially the financial aspects. His work includes many commercials for clients such as Apple, American Express, Google, and more. Variety covers more on the Tucci brothers and Parkside Pictures.

Upcoming and Notable Projects

You may recognize some of the films they’ve been working on. Borrego, starring Lucy Hale, is a thriller following a young botanist taken captive by an inexperienced drug mule while studying an invasive plant species in the desert. The film is scheduled to release in 2021. So much more can be expected from Tucci & Company soon, including The Birthday Cake, starring Ewan McGregor, Val Kilmer, Shiloh Fernandez, and Penn Badgley. The brothers have worked with many notable names in Hollywood. IndieWire provides a first look at “The Birthday Cake.”

The Art of Independent Filmmaking

Independent film companies work with directors and give them complete control over the creation and art of the final piece. For Damiano and Tiziano Tucci, the independent film industry is perfect for them to put together their artistic talents. Their creations bring a whole new meaning to the word storytelling. Unfortunately, these types of films tend to have to put in more work to fund, budget, and distribute the creative masterpieces they create. The Guardian discusses the challenges and rewards of independent filmmaking.

Financing Films with Market Value and Risk Consideration

The brothers don’t mind the challenges. When it comes to financing films, they say, “It’s like most other businesses, you have to understand the market value (or potential) of the film itself. After that, it’s working backward to determine if the market value of the film justifies the cost of making the film; financially speaking. And if it doesn’t, you have to determine whether or not the risks are worthwhile with consideration to the reasons you set out to make the film.” Film Independent offers insights into financing independent films.

Empowering Artists and Creators

Tucci & Company’s business is helping those find a voice in an industry that can feel impossible to break through at times. By providing a backbone of logistical and financial support for creators, they continue to inspire artists and aid them in making their work come to life.

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