What is the LA County Guaranteed Income Program?

What is the LA County Guaranteed Income Program

LA County Guaranteed Income Program was designed to provide households with financial stability during sharp economic swings, allowing them to relax, reduce stress, and broaden their horizons.

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The program was intended to give recipients the time they need to fulfill their aspirations of furthering their education or entering the workforce, or of finally becoming an active member of their communities. Notably, unlike some forms of public aid, participation in the program did not necessitate any sort of employment on the part of the recipient.

Those who qualified for the Breathe pilot program would receive $1,000 each month for three years.

Although the advantages of guaranteed income programs have already been demonstrated, research would be done to review the program’s effects. This would allow the County and other jurisdictions to learn how the project would affect the financial security of participants and how it will affect their health and well-being.

Method of Selection and Survey for Study

1,000 participants will be randomly selected from the pool of qualified candidates by the study team, the University of Pennsylvania, Center for Guaranteed Income Research, much like a blind drawing.

A candidate’s chances of being accepted are the same regardless of when or how they apply during the open enrollment period.

Within the application, itself is a questionnaire that will be used to gather background information on potential participants and comparison subjects. To better understand your health and well-being, we have included several questions in this survey. Some of these inquiries are delicate and could be tricky to respond to. These inquiries are strictly for establishing a starting point for the research.

Your participation in the project will have nothing to do with how you answer these questions. Those details will remain private and will be used solely for scientific investigation. After the application enrollment time has ended, those who match the mentioned eligibility requirements and have submitted an application will be picked at random to become participants.

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