How the Davisson Brothers Band Built a Massive Fan Base & Found the Keys to Success

The Davisson Brothers Band is a band of three brothers who, with their bandmates and parents, have built a massive fan base and found the keys to success.

Each member of the Davisson Brothers Band has their own musical style that incorporates a blend of country, southern rock, and bluegrass. Their distinct sound, paired with their great musicianship and unbridled intensity, has earned the band an immensely passionate following among music fans everywhere. They have been performing together since they were children in their hometown of Clarksburg, West Virginia, and are brothers Donnie and Chris Davisson (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar, respectively). Sammy Davisson (bass guitar and vocals) and Aaron Regester (drums) joined the band in 2006, bringing the band’s sound as close to its roots as it could be. The band’s sound is now as authentic as country music can be.

Combined with Aaron’s rock-solid drumming and Sammy’s bass rhythm and immaculate harmonies, Donnie’s impassioned, soulful vocals and high-energy stage presence form the perfect framework for Donnie’s impassioned, soulful vocals. With Chris’ signature guitar, which is one of a kind, you’ll hear a mind-bending blend of bluegrass, country, and blues guitars, creating a sound unlike anything else you’ve ever heard. Chris’ signature guitar is one of a kind. Their songs and sound reflect powerful stories about their family history and way of life, and they are destined to earn a large following across the country. The band is now working with renowned producer Keith Stegall on the release of their first national single, which will be released later this year.

How did the band get found on popular music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music?

The band found its way to Spotify and the other platforms with a unique strategy.

Spotify’s first-ever CD release was by ʻUnwritten Lawʼ in 2008. The band posted it on their MySpace page, so they were already in contact with the company. This lead to some exclusive content that helped boost Unwritten Law on Spotify.

Apple Music found them through a press release and iTunes pre-order for a new album, which also led to more exposure.

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