Hollywood Film Festival Celebrates an Empowering Lineup of Global Films

World Premiere at Raleigh Studios

The Hollywood Film Festival, celebrating its 22nd year and 3rd year at Raleigh Studios, was pleased to host the World Premiere of Michael Feifer’s Soldier’s Heart starring Neal Bledsoe and Val Kilmer on Saturday, Oct. 5th at the Raleigh Studios Chaplin Theatre. The Hollywood Reporter covers this year’s festival highlights.

Celebrating Global Filmmaking and Social Change

The Hollywood Film Festival has hit its stride this year, showing strong support of global filmmaking, social change, artistic excellence and creating conversations driven by the commitment to leverage the power of Hollywood as a global brand and entity that can bring communities together through the cinematic voice. Variety discusses the festival’s focus on global filmmaking and social change.

Hollywood celebrates global films

Building Bridges with Global Film Industries

Aiming to create relationships between filmmakers, producers, and representatives the Hollywood Film Festival has endeavored to build a bridge between Hollywood and its global counterparts. This year, they play host to dignitaries representing the good and the great of Africa’s film industry. Screen Daily explores how film festivals are evolving to connect global film industries.

Accolades and Achievements

Special Directors accolades were also given to Komarco Williams for “Environment”, Thiago Dedalt for “Duke”, and Ali Askari for “Falling”. Exceptional Artistry Accolades were also given to actors Josh Hellman (Fury Road, X-Men), Jennifer Alcott (Kate Can’t Swim), and Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas) for their work in “Falling”.

Global film festival

Powerhouse Panel Discussions

Tsitsi Dangarembga leads a powerhouse panel at the premiere. Her book Nervous Conditions was dubbed by the BBC as one of the top 100 books that have changed the world. The panel she leads delved into the changing global landscape of film and its influence on local indigenous communities. Karine Barclais, Head of the Africa Pavilion at Cannes, also joined this powerhouse-curated conversation on Saturday, Oct. 5th at 1 pm at the Chaplin Screening Room at Raleigh studios. BBC showcases the list of top 100 books that have shaped the world.

Addressing Social Issues Through Film

Highlighting the key social issues of the moment that have gripped our society has always been a goal of HFF, and this year has come to fruition in spades with the esteemed Pamela Guest leading one of HFF’s curated conversations in both the genesis and the after-effects of sexual assault and sexual violence through the two mother-daughter panelists participating in a conversation titled “What is the long term impact of our hashtag culture on our industry”.

Celebrate amazing global films

Creating an Inclusive Environment

Wendy Estes, of the Hollywood Film Festival, said, “To know we’re creating such an inclusive environment, a place where filmmakers, artists, and entrepreneurs converge to share not only a great film but great open conversations shows the true impact potential this festival has.”

Highlighting Cinematic Excellence

Paving the way for ground-breaking conversations and timely films of cinematic excellence this year’s Hollywood Film Festival strived to bring together communities of diverse artists, audience, and industry leaders at its Hollywood Honors Party highlighted with music, performances, and conversations over cocktails. IndieWire provides further insights into the Hollywood Film Festival’s focus on community and conversation.

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