Debbie and the Devil by Director Naz Red

Debbie and the Devil, the first feature film by WILD 7 Studios, is set to premiere on December 10th, 2021! The film was directed by the founder of WILD 7 Studios, Naz Red.

“Naz Red is a warrior, a warrior for cinema. Naz Red was born in the cinema. Naz Red rejects all religions, governments, criminal groups and organizations, and lives devoted solely to the cinema. Whether it be in the capacity of watching and critiquing, writing and directing, or f***ing people over and producing, Naz Red lives and dies by the cinema.” This is how Naz Red described himself in a recent interview.

Naz Red is an underground independent filmmaker who has spent the last 15+ years making short films and honing his craft. He is infectiously and passionately in love with the art of cinema, and he wants to share that love with his audiences. Naz Red intends to inspire people to read about the history of film and horror. In addition, he wants to create films that cause pure joy in the hearts and minds of the movie-mad.

In 2014, Naz Red set out to create a horror film that he thought was “cool.” He started thinking up his future feature horror-comedy film, Debbie and the Devil.

Debbie and the Devil are set after a school shooting, two children seek refuge in a movie theatre where they meet a nefarious theatre owner (Mr. Red) who presents the Debbie and the Devil Trilogy — three interconnected horror films: teen slasher film “Gore Garage 6”, Giallo-style film “Tears Of A Bloody Rose,” and found footage film “Debbie Flesh & Bone.” The film tells a story of a young woman who is a servant of the Devil through the loving eyes of true horror fans.

Naz Red describes the film as “a blood-drenched love letter to the horror genre and cinema in general.”

Production started for the film in early 2018, and the film finished production at the beginning of 2019. The production of the film was broken into three separate segments to represent the three different movies that would be contained within the film. WILD 7 Studios has a strong and devoted audience base that was highly anticipating the film. Sadly, the release of the film was delayed due to the COVID pandemic. Now, after overcoming the struggles of releasing an independent film during a pandemic, Debbie and the Devil is set to release on December 10th!

WILD 7 Studios is an independent film, episodic series, and podcast production company based in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Naz Red describes the studio as “a gang of outlaw filmmakers and revolutionaries committed to creating cutting edge cinema and art.” The collective started as just an idea but has grown into something so much more significant.

WILD 7 Studios is constantly creating and producing new content for their audiences! If you visit the WILD 7 Studios website, you will find all their new and upcoming content. Naz Red hosts a podcast called “The W7 Podcast,” where he talks about his forthcoming projects, discusses different films, and just sits down with various guests to discuss a wide variety of film topics. It is described as an “unpredictable but wild party.” The W7 Podcast was the first of four different podcasts produced by the WILD 7 Studios team.

Also, WILD 7 Studios has produced two separate short film projects: an original Spanish telenovela, “Amigas!,” and an anthology series, “Mister Red’s Gruesome Stories.” You can find both of these short film projects on Youtube and their website.

Naz Red and WILD 7 Studios has produced and released so much content this year; who knows what 2022 will bring for the growing production company!

You can watch the trailer for Debbie and the Devil on Youtube:

To learn more about WILD 7 Studios and their upcoming projects, you can visit their website:

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