What are Side Support Bras Used For?

So, what are these extra bits on either side for? It’s all about support, as their name implies. They reinforce the cup’s outer edges, allowing the bra to further push your breast tissue forward and center. You’ll get a more projected shape with less of a wide, splayed shape (often called ‘East and West). In other words, when viewed from the side, your bust will appear wider, and when viewed from the front, it will appear narrower.

According to Fit Au Max, a site that specializes in bras, underwear, and lingerie for full-figured women, side support bras also help to prevent breast tissue from flowing out the edges of your cup and into your underarm.

What bras come with side supports?

Side supports are most commonly found in full-bust bras because their primary purpose is to provide support. They’re most commonly found in unlined, seamed-cup types. Low-support styles, such as bralettes, are virtually probably not going to have them.

Many minimizer bras also have side support aspects, which can give you a smaller appearance by narrowing your chest.

They’re also likely to be seen on a plunge bra that’s designed to create cleavage, even if it’s for smaller cup sizes. Because side slings pull the breast tissue inwards, they can be combined with side padding to pull the breast closer to the center.

side support bras

For whom are side support bras intended?

Many full-busted women find that side slings or side support panels provide all of the support they require. If you’re looking for a bra with side support, though, keep the following in mind:

I have wide-set breasts that I’d like to be more centered.

Your breast tissue is always pouring out of the cups and into your armpit (though note that this could be a sign you need a larger cup size)

Want additional support and sturdiness than your current bras provide?

If you’re still not convinced, go to your local boutique and try on various side-support bras to see the difference for yourself.

Side support bras are the unsung heroes of the bra world. They have so much to offer us, but we often ignore their life-changing qualities. These bras are especially beneficial to women who are larger in stature. Let’s take a look at some of their characteristics to discover what a fantastic job they can accomplish for us.

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