Yi Zhou & Into the Sun Entertainment Announce Event to Promote Diversity & Fight Racism

Yi Zhou and Into the Sun Entertainment support the United Nation's fight against Racism, Hate Speech and Promotion of Inclusion and Diversity

We are happy to invite you to attend our upcoming Oscar viewing party taking place on Sunday, March 12th. We would appreciate your support for this fundraising event in which proceeds will go towards the United Nations human rights commission.

Yi Zhou and Into the Sun Entertainment have announced their viewing party for the 95th Academy Awards, and an after-party to follow. The event will be in celebration of the inclusion and diverse representation in Hollywood. Event sales will support the United Nation’s fight against Racism, Hate Speech, and the Promotion of Inclusion and Diversity. The viewing and party will take place March 12th at 4 pm, at the Skybar in the Mondrian Hotel (8440 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069).



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