Age of War 2

Must-have Tips for Age of War Players

In Age of War, 2 players are the ones who make all the decisions. They can decide which units to deploy and where to send them. They can choose what technologies to research and when to use them.

They can also decide which battles to fight and how to react during a battle. With so many choices, players need to know some tips to win battles and progress through the game more easily.

Don’t feel like you need to use all of your units every time. When a player has multiple units available, they will receive more rewards if they only deploy a few of them. Likewise, there are also rewards for players who can kill an enemy without deploying any units at all. It’s a better idea to save up and choose when to use the units strategically.

A player can use the recruits to train them for combat. This will make their unit more powerful and give it some bonuses. Once a unit is trained, the player will be able to use it in battle when upgrading a battle base, players are allowed to upgrade their units with stronger weapons, armor, or even abilities that provide


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