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Winter is here and winter necklaces are in. Winter theme based jewelry’s mainstay motif is snowflake. The dainty design is much coveted because of its direct association with winter. A snowflake has 6 extensions around and Belinda Jewelz bejeweled all six sides of their snowflake necklaces with Blue and White Topaz as well as Simulated Blue and Created White Sapphire decked on supreme quality Sterling Silver. These snowflake necklaces designed and produced by Belinda Jewelz is a frozen sight to behold.

The first winter necklace that Belinda Jewelz is proud to present is Swiss Blue and White Topaz Snowflake Necklace. The light blue hue of the Swiss Topaz blends really well with the whitish shimmer of the White Topaz and Sterling Silver. Very Christmassy and perfect for girls and women of all ages, this snowflake necklace embodies flexibility and versatility. Swiss Blue and White Topaz Snowflake Necklace can be given as a gift that will be treasured and bequeathed as an heirloom.

For those who want a dash of intense color in the predominantly white and silvery winter backdrop, Simulated Blue and Created White Sapphire Snowflake Necklace would be the one to choose. Belinda Jewelz has used duo-colored sapphire to create this beautiful masterpiece. This winter necklace is one of a kind as winter jewelry typically is set in light colors – the blue in this snowflake is striking and gives an edge to the whole piece.

Both snowflake necklaces from Belinda Jewelz add glitz to the celebration of Christmas, Hanukkah and any other function and occasion held in the winter season or any season for that matter.

Compared to snowflake necklaces by Bling Jewelry, By the Fire Necklace and Snowy Me Necklace, Belinda Jewelz’s Swiss Blue and White Topaz Snowflake Necklace and Simulated Blue and Created White Sapphire Snowflake Necklace, the latter necklaces stand out in terms of color contrast. Bling Jewelry played it safe by sticking to white wintry and silvery colors while Belinda Jewelz experimented with unusual color combinations.

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