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Transformational healing

In these challenging times of coronavirus, we must take care of our mental health. Especially as women, we should keep our bodies and mind healthy as we need to take care of others. With the lockdown and reduced work timings, we should focus more on self-care. With so much free time on our hands, we can indulge in meditation, yoga, self-reflection, etc.

Self-reflection is the first step in changing our life for the better. When you sit in a quiet room alone and think about yourself, your life, your dreams, things you want to achieve, your regrets, and the result of it all, the life that you have created around you when you look in the mirror at your reflection, you see all your insecurities and flaws. You wish you would feel and look differently. When you analyze and reflect on your life like this, you realize that you are not fully happy or satisfied with it, and you become determined to change and improve it. But then you wonder how you can change your life in the middle of a global pandemic? How can you work on yourself? How can you invest in self-care or physical exercise when all the gyms and salons are closed? How can you make changes to improve your lifestyles? How can you achieve your dreams, fulfil your wishes, and become successful?

Well, I have got a simple and straightforward answer for you. We at the Healing Revealing Women’s Wellness Centre under the direction of Coach Zena, Practitioner, can guide and help you in achieving your dreams and live your best life.

Transformational Healing

Body and mind transformation

To achieve success in your life, you need to make a change, improve, and expand to grow and evolve; this process starts with your body, mind, and soul. Today’s economic climate, political disorder and a global pandemic are a clear reminder of the emphasis we all need to balance our mental health, physical wellbeing, and spiritual wholeness to experience the best life possible.

Healing of mind is the first step in achieving the change. It leads to emotional and physical well-being and eventually brings you success. But how to heal your mind? How to overcome all the problems in your life?

Like every other disease, mental illness is a severe issue, and it needs to be taken care of. Without healing your mind, you cannot recover your body or soul or bring a change in your life. But worry no more! Coach Zena has got you covered.

Coach Zena focuses mainly on the wholeness and total wellness of women through Mindset Techniques, Soul Healing Modalities and Body Transformation Treatments, such as auricular therapy with ear seeding, muse mindset technology, laser (non-invasive) acupuncture, sound therapy, chakra alignment, plasma fibroblast and more.

Coach Zena’s weight loss therapy

For women being mentally and physically fit is very important, especially during challenging times like these. However, all the gyms and training centres are closed, so how can you take care of your physical health? Well, leave it to us!

Body Contouring

When you see a picture of a celebrity and look at their perfect, flawless body, you start comparing your body with them. Celebrities’ bodies are usually a result of a strict diet and fitness regimens. They are trained every day by professional gymnasts and fitness experts. However, women all around the world cannot afford it. But we can help you achieve your dream body goals through non-invasive, long-term-quick-transformational treatments (see the result within one week).

We offer women full body contouring by laser lip and cavitation. It is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat cells in the body’s targeted parts. The process feels like a massage with a device. It is very relaxing and comfortable to perform.

Ultrasonic cavitation targets a small area of fats to contour your body. Additionally, we also offer fat freezing (cryolipolysis). It is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits in certain body areas. You can get this treatment done in your body’s desired parts where you want to reduce fat. It contours and shapes that part of your body.

A freezing handheld device is used to carry out the treatment. It sends tingling sensations to your body and freezes that layer of fat cells under that part of the body’s skin.


Women are the real superheroes, and they should be loved, respected, and treated like one. They go through so many challenges in their lives and conquer each one of them with grace.

Women are challenged physically and mentally every day to prove they are good enough, if not better, than men. They are underpaid and under-appreciated for doing the same job as fellow men in their society. And yet, they continue to break through all the barriers and fight to stand their ground.

At the Healing & Revealing Women’s Wellness Centre we take a holistic approach to uplifting women. We aim to support and appreciate women of every age, race, and nationality. When women feel good and look good, they exude confidence and can tackle anything and everything that comes their way, making a quantum leap into living an amazing life!

Coach Zena provides women with alternative therapies by which they can heal their body, mind, and soul and bring about. We focus on women’s wellness through various healing modalities which expand the mind, heal the soul, and transform the body. When you come to our center, we will do a quick assessment of your body and mind to analyze where you are experiencing any blocks and obstacles in life and help you experience a breakthrough in our highly efficient healing program.

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