Revolutionary New Dating App “HearMyAccent” to Launch in LA Soon!

There’s no denying technology has greatly impacted the way people date. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for the majority of dates to be arranged through a trendy app in the market. One of the latest dating apps scheduled to hit the market soon is HearMyAccent.

According to a recent Pew Research Center, close to 30% percent of adults nowadays meet through a dating app or website.  Nearly half of college graduates know someone who began a long-term relationship as a result of a dating app. It is, therefore, undeniable, that technology has revolutionalized the way people date and interact.

How HearMyAccent Online Dating App Will Impact Your Social Life

Combining awesome visuals with breakthrough audio technology, HearMyAccent will unleash new features hitherto unknown in the dating app realm. These will all combine to make dating exciting and fun again. It is no wonder it is on my list of 2017’s most anticipated online dating apps.

HearMyAccent online dating app

In a nutshell, the app makes it possible to find and interact with singles in your area who bear sexy accents that you love and are drawn to. Coupled with a picture and audio, the app allows you see and hear other singles’ accents at the touch of a button. Everyone has an accent, even you!

The main reason this app will become a hit is because it will broaden one’s social reach. Most of us have a very small circle of friends and acquaintances and if you are in the market for dating, this can be a barrier. You’ve probably met most or all of your friends’ friends. The HearMyAccent dating app allows you to extend your reach to a wider pool of impressionable singles in your area and opens up more options to choose from.

Online dating apps including HearMyAccent will make it possible for you to build a portfolio of potential dates as you see and listen to their accents. With new and improved database features, you are able to make more informed decisions when it comes to your dates.

The App offers a more comprehensive audio-visual profile that enhances the way you make dating decisions. It adds value and quality to the Internet dating arena by ensuring you get just the right match.

Currently, the app is accepting users that reside in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas for a limited amount of time during its pre-launch phase.  To be a part of this exciting new app please go to HearMyAccent to secure your spot. You will receive an email and/or text message with the details of its release.

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Coming on iOS in early 2017


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