PERI A Reignites & Reigns over Robertson Bvld

Mira Mikati, Filles A Papa and Adriana Iglesias

It’s been two years since PERI A burst onto the legendary Robertson Boulevard with a mission to revive retail by reigniting the kitten heels of previous lackluster shoppers.

Mission accomplished, PERI A has now fully established themselves as a landmark gem for fashionistas, influencers, stylists and celebrities bringing designers from all over the world like Vivetta, Mira Mikati, Derek Lam, and Shrimps. The curated assortment in the 2,400-square-foot space showcases limited edition and custom pieces created by LA fashion icon Peri Arenas. “Looking at locations I remember Robertson having its heyday years ago and thought, ‘I’m going to make it happen again.’ I’m a true optimist,” she says.

PERI  A Los Angeles fashion store on Robertson Avenue

PERI A has transformed what was previously Kitson Men, into an Influencers dream with its bubble gum pop aesthetics that explode onto the senses combined with a treasure trove of cutting edge, jaw-dropping designers that have not yet saturated the scene.

Dressing rooms feature monitors that play music videos and films, while a back patio includes a space that gives customers an opportunity to absorb the creative fashion delights and soak up the LA sunshine.

The concept is for customers to discover new designers, and incubate those with little retail presence as well as carry exclusive items from designer labels providing the fashion-forward crowd with an unforgettable in-store experience.

Peri Arenas is the ultimate fashionista, priding herself “on finding hot designers before they become hot gossip”.

Queen of Los Angeles Fashion Peri Arenas

Peri Arenas’ passion is discovering new and undiscovered talent, she scours the far corners of the globe, leaving no stone unturned, then brings them into the light of her store to shine. Her designer discoveries have become some of the most coveted names in recent times. She accounts this to her fashion feverish eye for detail “it doesn’t have to be expensive; it has to be very detail-oriented, though. It could be inexpensive, but if their detail is on point, that’s what’s important to me. I’ve seen stuff that’s expensive but if the detail isn’t there, I’m not interested.

Some of the current names she carries include Mira Mikati, Filles A Papa, and Adriana Iglesias.

Peri Arenas has created a space that will make you never want to leave except to show off your traffic-stopping new garms.

Peri Arenas thinks outside the box and does the hunting for you saving shoppers hours of screen time.

“There are a few things different about us, one is that I do all the buying myself! I have to love it otherwise I can’t sell it! I have to want to put it on myself now.”

“I pride myself in taking chances. Fashion should be fun, interesting and stimulating. Most stores today are afraid to take risks, I welcome it.” Says Peri with a sparkle in her eye.

So what’s waiting for you in Peridise? Think serious and fun jewelry, in-your-face accessories, pop-inspired prints, and clothes that scream contemporary class, evening clothes, and conservative suits so there is something for everyone! You’ll also find a whole host of underdog designers who totally throw shade on the likes of Chanel and Valentino. Peri Arenas may be part of fashion’s treasured inner circle, but she brings with her to Robertson Blvd an uprising. This brand is about more than making just fashion statements. PERI A is set to shake up the American fashionscape.


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