Mark Humes Digital Art Positioned to Take the World by Storm

Mark Humes has edged on to become one of the greatest luminaries in the digital and abstract art realm. His unique and figurative imagery commands awe and stands out as one of the most unequaled styles of our time. Bringing contrasting innovations and experimenting with different techniques, Mark Humes has charted his own path to the top.


After returning home from a tour of active duty, Mark Humes came face to face with the harsh reality of not being able to work a typical job due to a battlefield injury. In fact, life came to a grinding halt when he was rendered unemployable. At one time when he turned to art, his detractors sought to have him believe his work would not have a shred of legitimacy.

But not one to quit easily, Mark quickly knew this verdict would not define him. Summoning the resources that still lay dormant within him, he sought to redefine himself through art. From deep inside rose the conviction that he had a unique story to tell and art would be the vehicle through which that story would get be told to the world. It was then that Mark Humes Gallery was born.

Mark Humes abstract digital art

Through the medium of digital art, Mark Humes shares the deepest recesses of his subconscious and feels his art is the closest thing to telepathy. His unique and celebrated style gives shape, form, and color to his emotions. The end result is a collection of timeless and striking masterpieces. According to Mark, the project starts as a work of total chaos which then evolves systematically into a form where his spirit is evident. It is a testament to his existence at the essential level being a journal of his raw and unedited thoughts. Mark’s art emanates from experiences and thoughts frozen in time then relived through the digital canvas.

Mark Humes has termed his journey, “Millenium creed” which comprises of  “Millenium” and “Creed”. Millenium embodies all the previous forms of art over the last millennium including painting, the three-dimensional elements of sculpture, textures from textile art, photography, photo study and photo modeling and now digital art. “Creed” encapsulates Mark’s view of art in terms of spirituality.

According to Mark, “…abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color, and line to create compositions which exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. I focus on a universe of the mind and raw emotion; Whether it’s mindbending, nightmarish, fantastical or even erotic, I call upon abstract art, abstract expressionism, digital art as well as photo study to express my views of culture and the human condition”.

Reaching beyond my limitations, to show my inner strength. No obstacle is too hard. For this warrior to overcome, I’m just a man on a mission to prove my disability hasn’t won” – Robert Hansel

Mark has also undertaken the task of documenting his work through a series of ongoing books:

The book of lost verses – Book 1
The book of lost verses – Book 7
Creating the Lost Verses – An Adult Coloring Book
Codex Venereorum Abstracta

More information about Mark Humes and his ground-breaking art can be found at




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