Make it Local, Make it .LA

Los Angeles

For the past 3 years, I’ve been meeting Los Angeles business owners, startups, brand owners, and municipal and nonprofits groups to communicate and enhance the story of.LA, the domain name that helps connect your website with Los Angeles customers. We document the many existing use cases on our Pinterest Page and Map, both at ILove.LA/blog

The shortest names continue to be registered and acquired at a fast pace.  At our premium store (VipNames.LA) two-letter names continue to sell well, as do first names and call to action names.

Many great.LA domains are available for the regular fee. Shop at your favorite registrar or Make it.LA  Companies looking to get the shortest names, their company, or individual initials, need to act quickly to buy available options.

To reiterative Why.LA, if your marketing local in Los Angeles, a.LA domain name can do 100% of the job or a fraction of the price. You can get a shorter, more direct, and brand yourself with the #1 city worldwide. LA is now a major Startup center,  joining its existing status as a global leader in diversity, green and eco planning, entertainment, fashion, style. And it’s a top place to live globally.

The City promotes itself with award-winning social media marketing and an active Mayor and City Council. The new stadium for the Rams and Chargers, the mutual success of the Clippers and Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, and other action sports mainstays, plus an Olympic Bid for 2024, plus Awards shows make LA the place to be, be seen, and attract customer and spot trends.

Our list of local businesses continues to grow, featured on our Pinterest page.  Events continue to use.LA including this month’s Downtown celebration NightonBroadway.LA and OneLife.LA   Social Groups, Non-Profits, and City Initiatives like PathtoPositive.LA, Urbanize.LA, HealthyPlan.LA and the Startups in the Sky series of meet-ups (SITS.LA) have found exact match short naming solutions for their websites and social media management.

Many companies have also found using the generic name for their product or service helps grow their customer base. From varied industries like Recliners.LA to Investigations.LA

So many great names are available at registrars or for the regular registration fee. But in LA it’s all about the best location, the premium seat or spot at a restaurant, upgrades, “off the menu” items, and exclusive VIP options.

We provide a group of reserved names at VIPNames.LA where for 1-5% or less of the equivalent .com address you can own short names like Ai.LA and We.LA, huge industries like HomesforSale.LA and Fitness.LA, first and last names, dictionary words, and catchy brandable names in startup categories like Foodies.LA or ToGo.LA.

These premium names have regular renewal prices in the future making the cost over time of acquiring the premier assets relatively inexpensive compared to the years of benefits.

Meet us at virtual events for the rest of 2020 or contact Page Howe about.LA or even general domain name questions.   When engaging in digital marketing in Los Angeles  Make it Local, Make it .LA.


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