Benefits of Installing Matte Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Your Interiors

Installing Matte Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Your Interiors

The world of interior decoration witnesses a sea of trends day in and out. However, when it comes to kitchen decor, things can be a tad tricky. Typically, people succumb to clever advertising that vouches for anything that is fast becoming a trendsetter. Thus, one generally ends up investing in things that eventually turn out to be a misfit or highly inappropriate for your surroundings. Kitchen cabinets are certainly no exception. While designing or redoing your kitchen, one faces the obvious conundrum–matte Vs gloss finish. Certainly one can differentiate between the two visually. However, there’s a lot to know before one decides the right pick for their kitchen cabinets. Simply, because the cabinetry is the very first thing that catches the eye when one enters a kitchen. A lot of times, it has to do more than just looks. With matte looking modern kitchen cabinets cooking up a storm, here’s a closer look at why they are a perfect fit for just about any kitchen.

Knowing the basics right

Before you finalize your buying decision, you must know the insides out of both matte and gloss finishes. Gloss finishes are known to reflect light. Hence, they appear shiny and make way for a contemporary look. The gloss is generally achieved by using materials like laminates, acrylic, membranes, and others.

On the other hand, we have exactly the reverse of gloss–the matte finish. Unlike gloss finishes, they do not reflect the light of any kind and are considered to be a perfect choice for any traditional kitchen. A matte look modern kitchen is a big hit with interior decorators these days, who recommends it as the best pick for anyone looking to invest in an unadulterated finish for their kitchen cabinets.

Keeping it trendy and flawless

Matte finish kitchen cabinets have a handful of good reasons to its credit that include:

  • Underrated charm – Unlike glossy surfaces which are fingerprint magnets, matte finishes are resistant to dirt and leaves no traces. Being non-reflective, they also hide away any imperfection or blemishes on the surface easily. The muted look adds a dramatic touch to your kitchen interiors, accounting for subtlety and character in equal measures.
  • Consistent and noteworthy –Being independent of light, matte look modern kitchen cabinets appear to be even from all viewing angles. Compared to a glossy finish, it’s way softer to touch and exudes natural warmth.
  • Easy maintenance –Matte surfaces are super easy to clean and maintain which means one doesn’t need to spend much to ensure its longevity. Plus, they also blend seamlessly with other furniture in the kitchen.

A Practical choice

Given their natural blending quality, matte look modern kitchen cabinets bring out the true feel of your kitchen space. They also come in a range of finishes that includes laminates, super matte, nanotech, satin textures, and anti-fingerprint ones. Matte finishes are resistant to continuous exposure to sunlight and don’t react vehemently with any harsh cleaning chemicals. Considering the fact that one doesn’t replace their cabinetry often, a matte finish is a timeless choice. While working with a gloss surface over the years can render its natural shine to fade away, matte finishes continue to look the same.

In any kitchen that already stores other furniture with a glossy finish; the inclusion of matte cabinetry can make a significant difference. While a major part of the surrounding continues to shine, the matte finish kitchen cabinets will function to add textural beauty. The sleek and smooth look also brings about an air of sophistication, adding to your delight.

Highly adaptable

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary kitchen, matte finish cabinets rock both ways. It’s undoubtedly a perfect pick for a country-style kitchen that sports routed fronts. This is one such setting where a gloss finish appears to be a misfit and the shine eats away the essence for no good. No wonder, matte look modern kitchen cabinets have gained an upper-hand to gloss finishes across a major part of Europe. This is a remarkable shift as glossy cabinets have dominated the industry for a long time. Additionally, the toned-down appearance of a matte finish brings out the true color of your kitchen. This is never a case while using a glossy finish where the cabinetry appears to be unusually brighter than other furniture. With a matte finish, you get a chance to stick to a neutral color palette. In other words, you readily make way for a minimalist and dignified look for your kitchen.

Wrap up

Deciding on the make and finish of your kitchen cabinetry is never an easy choice. While most people focus on the overall look of the space, they tend to ignore the functionality part. If you have a traditional or a contemporary kitchen, matte looking modern kitchen cabinets could be your best pick. If you prefer uniformity over shine across your kitchen cabinetry, then there’s nothing compared to the seamless blending of matte finish. No matter what you choose, always ensure that you buy the best-sourced material accounting for durability in the long run.


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