High End Fashion And Art Combine with Gilda Garza the first Artist to show at House Of Bijan

Gilda Garza artwork at House of Bijan

House Of Bijan is billed as the most expensive store in the world with its luxury fashion and fragrances. The Rodeo Drive store has now added Art to its collection of finery, displaying and selling pieces from the incredible Mexican artist Gilda Garza.

The pieces are special edition “Bijan Kings” a part of Gildas “Kings & Queens” collection. “My inspiration for this new collection is True Love, how you can make your partner feel like a real King or Queen, and that is when you know you have true love. Now is the time to celebrate this.”

Gilda Garza displays artwork at House of Bijan in Los Angeles

The beautiful pieces with their vibrant color capture the character and style of the boutique’s founder Bijan Pakzad and his son Nicolas Bijan Pakzad. Garza has managed to capture the essence of House of Bijan on the four special edition pieces.

Garza’s Art has been featured in publications throughout the world. In 2017 she joined artists such as Andy Warhol having their Artwork on the cover of Playboy magazine, a publication that has also featured House of Bijan many times over the years.

Gilda Garza displays artwork at House of Bijan in Los Angeles

Fashion is a huge part of Gilda’s life has had her artwork featured on Roberto Cavalli designs. Most recently she had her artwork on display at the Michael Costello runway show, part of the Scottsdale fashion week.

Gilda Garza displays artwork at House of Bijan in Los Angeles

Many of the collectors of Garzas art are based in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Collectors include world famous DJ Zedd, Snoop Dogg, and boxer Canelo Alvarez. Having sold out shows in Los Angeles, Miami Art Basel and Las Vegas her growing popularity in the Art world has positioned her as one to watch for the coming years.

House of Bijan is located on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and will be displaying the artwork. The original pieces are on sale via Gilda’s website for $12,000 each but can be viewed by appointment in the Boutique.


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