Artist Gilda Garza Captures Hearts With Her Awe-Inspiring Contemporary Artwork

Gilda Garza

Mexican-born Gilda Garza is one of the most innovative and inspirational contemporary artists of our time. Time and again, she has been able to demonstrate her passion through art. Gilda attributes her timeless inspiration to her grandmother who was a renowned painter as well. Ever since she took her first baby steps, Gilda Garza has dreamed big and sought to bring color, form and joy to public and private art spaces. It would seem that art runs in the family as Garza has in previous interviews said “my mom paints more real,” acknowledging how much her mother taught her, adding that “when I paint, my real passions” come through. No matter the medium or event, she has transcended creative space and brought wonder to art in all of its genres and interpretations.

Gilda Garza's TRUE LOVE event Miami
Gilda Garza’s TRUE LOVE event Miami

Gilda has had an indelible impact in several cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami to mention only a few. To say it mildly, her shows are frequently sold out with attendees ranging from famous art collectors to American real estate magnates to the owner of Playboy Mexico.

Her love for art has been the driving force behind all her paintings. She feels she has been provided with the unique opportunity to transform today’s art form. That explains the spirit behind her most pioneering and recognizable artwork which has been celebrated in boundary-pushing exhibitions around the world. Gilda’s artwork and imagery have garnered worldwide acclaim placing her as one of the great and upcoming female artists.

Her noted influence has been growing as can be seen in her recent TRUE LOVE exhibition aboard the Iron Man Yacht in Miami Beach Marina. The event attracted a swarm of art enthusiasts, art buyers, gallerists, fellow artists and other socialites. The list of notable guests included DJ Duke Dumont, Brittny, Lisa Gastineau, Shaun Ross, Lady Victoria, Hervey, Claudine De Niro and Domingo.

Gilda Garza's Caesar's Palace event
Gilda Garza’s Caesar’s Palace event

Gilda Garza’s artwork has remained relevant in today’s culture. Contemporary art influencers and other luminaries in the creatives space have taken note of her inspiring work. It’s not surprising that her work has been praised by scores of artists, filmmakers, writers, and musicians and many other art gallerists around the US and the world at large. This is because Gilda’s art stands out for its ability to be at once provocative, yet breathtaking all at the same time.

For more information, visit WWW.GILDAGARZA.COM


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