The Number One Reason Why Online Businesses Fail-Lack of Traffic

Best website traffic techniques for sales funnels

A recent article in the Entrepreneur magazine cited three major reasons why many online ventures simply fail to take off. They were (1) Not enough traffic, (2) a wrong revenue model, and (3) unappealing ideas. We won’t regurgitate the content here but we want to echo the fact that lack of traffic, in our estimate is the most prevalent reason. Many entrepreneurs invest tremendous resources in product development and the creation of elaborate websites. They believe the age-old saying, “if you built it, they will come”. Then they sit and wait. Weeks turn to months; months turn to years. The site or venture makes no sales and gains no traction. The reason? Very few people know about the venture. In short, dismal traffic. In this article you’ll learn about a program that is guaranteed to get you free traffic to your sales funnels and websites.

Free traffic sources for blogs and sales funnels

Traffic is the lifeline of any online venture

Regardless of the niche, you’re in, you won’t get very far if your website has few visitors. Unfortunately, this is the story for the average online entrepreneur. It is not uncommon for an online business to spend thousands of dollars on web development but fail to recoup those costs when push comes to shove. The average website receives less than 10 visitors a day when in reality, it needs thousands of visitors to break even. Traffic is truly the lifeline of any online business venture.

Why businesses fail to garner enough traffic

Why most business websites don't have trafficLet’s face it; getting thousands of visitors per day is not easy. It requires a concerted effort by the business owner including and not limited to a whole range of actions. These include making videos, creating catchy content, conducting elaborate keyword research using expensive tools, doing social media interaction, blogging, and much more. Most business owners don’t have the time to embark on these activities and new businesses typically don’t have the budget to hire large marketing firms or purchase expensive pay-per-click packages from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and Facebook. This leaves organic traffic.


Organic traffic is the most cost-effective strategy for any startup sales funnel

If you’ve just launched a product or service sales funnel and want to garner as much traffic as possible, read on. There’s a new program called Traffic Secrets which will totally blow your mind. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it was built by online entrepreneurs for online entrepreneurs and it thoroughly newbie-friendly. Need to quickly overcome the success curve and ramp-up traffic to your sales funnel? Look no further. This program is choke-full of techniques, tips, and high-definition video tutorials that detail everything you need to know about driving massive amounts of traffic to your site. It also has the best sources of online traffic for sales funnels in 2020.

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