Eau’Femme Swimwear Features Cutting-Edge Trendy Designs For All Body Types

Check out the Savage Candy Collection

Getting ready for days on the beach or by the pool? A California company, Eau Femme Swimwear is pushing boundaries and breaking into the forefront of women’s swimwear. Whether you need swimsuits or bikini sets, or stylish classics, you’ll want to try their latest collections for something you’ll surely love regardless of your body type.

Want to make a statement? With Eau Femme Swimwear, you’ll be proud to be seen at the beach or by the poolside this summer with the elegant mix and match separates, or stick with your figure-flattering, and string styles, and statement cutaway swimsuits.

Eau Femme Swimwear features:

  •  Swimsuits
  •  Bikinis
  •  Mix and Match
  •  Beachwear

Eau Femme Swimwear is an online swimwear boutique based in California that caters to all body types and provides trendy, exclusive and fashionable swimwear for the everyday woman. It’s a known fact that finding the perfect swimming outfit can be a daunting task for the average woman. It’s this realization that was the driving force behind Creative Director and Owner, Chyna Shaw’s approach to launching Eau’Femme Swimwear. Her goal was to make attractive and fashionable lingerie and swimwear accessible to the every day woman. Eau’Femme Swimwear has been publishing and broadcasting on internet radio and several publications since 2013.



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