Who Is Darryl J?

Lately, there’s been a lot of chatter about Darryl J on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and such and readers want to know who Darryl J is—so we decided to do some digging.

Darryl J is Darryl Jenkins —owner of Darryl J Entertainment—a subsidiary of a larger corporation. Darryl J Entertainment offers entertainment services in all music venues…he is a multi-talented guy: Soloist, Emcee, DJ, Master of Ceremonies, you name it…

Darryl Jenkins was born and raised in New Orleans and currently rocks the stage at Cat’s Meow on Bourbon Street in New Orleans on Saturday afternoons and has for the last 25 plus years.

DJ Darryl J New Orleans

Darryl Jenkins started singing at birth I guess you can say lol —he does not seem to recall a moment ever having not sung. Darryl left school to pursue a once in a lifetime European Tour with a musical group that he and his friends created —the tour took him through France and Italy mostly, an experience that he does not regret and will never forget.

After the group returned from Europe, there was a Levi’s commercial as well as an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show amongst other things. The group signed with an agency but things went south as these things sometimes do in the music industry and the group disbanded but remain friends to this day.

Emcee DJ Darryl J New Orleans

Since then, Darryl has returned to school to complete high school in his spare time and graduated several years ago from a private school in Texas offering private education to the well-heeled.

He says that Darryl J Entertainment is available for gigs coast to coast but the goal is to be based in New Orleans, Louisiana which is always home of course— and to have an agency of talented individuals –like himself—that he can mentor and promote through the entertainment ranks and help them fulfill their dream of stardom. He is currently manager of one such talented individual who he says one day will set the world on fire with her angelic vocals and he will not pressure her by outing her before she is ready to make that all-important debut because as he puts it, sometimes, you only get one shot.

Darryl J Emcee New Orleans

He says that though life is sometimes a daily struggle and he has not yet achieved that ultimate goal, he can now see it within his reach. And he will have it. One day. Soon.

Best of luck to you, Darryl J. We will be following your path to see where it leads you. It’s obvious that you have what it takes to make it happen. So whatever you’re doing, we say keep doing it cause it’s working for you.

New Orleans DJ and EMCEE Darryl J

Darryl J Entertainment dropped a video on YouTube that went from 0 to 100,000 in a nano second….dude is FIYAH…. Watch out for him…

He can be reached for gigs at (504) 427-1177 or www.DarrylJEntertainment.com

Do the damn thing, Darryl J—-the Coldest DJ in the 504???

We say Hell Yeah!!!!!


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