Panos Mouzourakis
Panos Mouzourakis has been described as one of the most enchanting voices of our time. The Zurich-born singer of Greek heritage first made waves in 2005 when he appeared in the theatrical play “Acharnis” directed by Dionisis Savopoulos. The show toured through Vienna, Cypress, Greece and even the International Forum in Tokyo. This gave him exposure which he leveraged in “Giannaki Omorfopaido”, his first television appearance in 2007. Panos Mouzourakis’s unique voice got the attention of Hollywood. He lent his voice to the Greek rendition of the Disney blockbuster “Frozen” (2013) as “Olaf” and Baby Boss (2017). Panos Mouzourakis in Los Angeles Panos Mouzourakis is also a renowned musician and performer having released 5 personal albums and including being the lead singer in another 21 records. Live atHerb Albert’s “Vibrato” in Los Angeles On October 2, 2019, Los Angeles residents will be treated to the magnetic voice and captivating sounds of Panos Mouzourakis. The Greek singer-actor-songwriter and consummate performer is inviting you to a truly unique show that will entertain and as well as mesmerizing you. His will be an outstanding stage presence to an original reworking of timeworn American tunes including hits from such luminaries Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Frank Sinatra. Don’t miss this epic night. For more than two decades Panos Mouzourakis has wowed audiences with his charismatic voice, eclectic personality and acting ability for two decades. He sealed his celebrity status with his current, long-running position as a judge on “The Voice” of Greece and his unforgettable comedic role in Mamma Mia 2 garnered him international acclaim as an actor. Panos Mouzourakis will take you on a rip-roaring, musical ride to remember. The beating heart of contemporary Greece collides with popular American hits, pulsing with the rhythms of Tsifteteli, Zembekiko, Gypsy Jazz, Rumba, Rock, and Pop. Alongside the music talent of: David Gomez/Bass Eric Scullin/Guitar & Piano Richard Sherwood/Percussion Dimitri “Jimmy” Mahlis/ Oud & Guitar  


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