Los Angeles Artists Bring 140 Singers Together For Mental Health Awareness

Los Angeles mental health awareness
Celleste, co-writer and lead singer, and Eric, co-writer and producer of Breathe! photo credit: Mighty Music

There’s no denying that this year has taken a toll on all of us. From anxiety to depression, many Angelenos are feeling the effects of 2020. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, 47 million adults experience mental illness each year — a number that’s only expected to rise.

That’s why two artists, Celleste and Eric, have created a movement to raise awareness for this essential cause. ‘Breathe!’ is an international community project, joining 140 singers from Los Angeles and Montreal in a choir-driven song and video. The two seasoned artists are joined by Grammy and Juno award winners and nominees, comedians, musicians, actors, and more.

mental health awareness
photo credit: Mighty Music

“The anthem’s lyrics highlight the importance of breathing as a tool to help regulate our feelings of isolation, stress, anxiety, and fear,” said Eric, producer and co-writer of ‘Breathe!’. “We hope this project can bring some comfort and relief to all those who are suffering from mental health-related challenges.”

“When sharing our idea for ‘Breathe!’ with fellow artists, we were completely overwhelmed and inspired by their eagerness to participate in our mission. We believe the project can have the same impact around the globe, raising awareness for mental health, and highlighting all the incredible foundations doing so much for their local communities,” said Celleste, lead singer and co-writer of ‘Breathe!’.

Head to Facebook to watch Breathe! and learn more at JustStopAndBreathe.org



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