Babelt Baby Heart Monitor Offers Safety and Peace of Mind

This project was started in 2015 as a way to help monitor your child’s vital signs. With the concern of infant mortality from issues such as SIDS, we felt it was necessary to provide peace of mind to all parents. Thus, Babelt was created. Our technology has the ability to monitor numerous infant vital signs, such as heart rate, oxygen levels, body temperature, and blood pressure. In addition, our product will monitor your baby’s sleeping patterns to help you not only answer physician questions at monthly check-ups but aid in your desire to get baby to sleep on a regular schedule. Babelt can be worn on baby’s right or left bicep and provide vital monitoring from just one device on one arm. It is perfect for infants through the age of three.

Vitals are monitored and read on your smartphone app that is compatible with bot iOS and Android systems. With Babelt, you can receive alerts regarding your child’s well-being when sleeping or even away at the office or out on date night or vacation. all of the prototyping has been completed we are ready to finish Babelt and start production immediately we recently redesigned Babelt to make it a safer more affordable device. We have completed our prototype and now need your help to begin production of the product. The requested funding will be utilized to create our first round of marketable products and advertise the product for consumer purchase.

Babelt baby monitor

We are trying to raise money for this wonderful product anything helps we can have it ready by December of 2017 if not sooner



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