ACSAR Communications’ Bulk Business Texting Solutions Help You Stay Competitive at an Affordable Rate

ACSAR Communications bulk text messaging service

For businesses, one of the best ways to reach a target market is via text. After all, there are approximately 4.2 billion people in the world who are practically tethered to their smartphones. There is no better medium than text message when it comes to reaching the average person and ensuring that your message is consumed. But what most people are not aware of is that big cell phone carriers make it excruciatingly difficult to send bulk texts. They collude to limit group texting to just around 10 to 15 people. For businesses wanting to reach hundreds, even thousands of people, this is unworkable. There simply has to be a better solution. ACSAR Communications has a great communications and promotional tool that can help businesses and organizations send bulk text messages. This tool is ideal for businesses seeking to reach their target customers, or sales teams wanting to communicate with their prospects, or political campaigns seeking to spread their message to their constituents. Almost any organization can benefit from ACSAR Communications’ bulk text sender.

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In an age where businesses are looking for innovative ways to cut their advertising budgets, ACSAR Communications has a tool that makes this a reality. For a low cost of $30 per month and $0.015 per SMS message, you can send text messages to hundreds or even 20,000 people at a time. When compared with traditional print mail, bulk texting is where the smart money is and is head and shoulders a better and more efficient way to reach your audience. This also means businesses and organizations can save more money which they can then use to grow.


Whether you want to add 3 people or 20,000, ACSAR’s friendly user interface and customer portal is easy to set up and operate. Whether locally or internationally, ACSAR’S platform is designed to grow with you and your organization and lets you disseminate your message flawlessly with just a few clicks of a button


Business is about competition and for many businesses and organizations, they’re always looking for ways to gain an edge over their competitors. This is not always easy as more companies get innovative. One of the ways a business or organization can get really creative and stay super-competitive is in the way it markets itself. Text messaging ensures the message gets to its destination and is read. This is in stark contrast to the traditional paper mail which in many cases ends up in the trash bin. With text messages, the recipient receives ample notification and is able to respond in real time. Bulk text messaging from ACSAR Communications is truly a stellar way to level the business playing field.

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